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Ethnic Pimp is one of the oldest sites in it's niche and it has been online since 2000. It has never been our intention to build massive traffic, instead we built a network of niche websites with focus on quality, authority, low bounce rates and great SEO juice.

Hard link advertising

We offer two ways of hard link advertising on our site:

Index Page Hard Link Advertising

For information on purchasing a hard link on our index page please check SEO Adult Hard Links. Prices are negotiable only if your budget is over 1k.

Prices are starting from $40 per month and minimum period is 6 months. You can see detailed pricing on above site.

Blog Posts and Reviews

This is one of the most popular promos that we offer. You can get a blog post or review on our site with up to two DOFOLLOW links from each article. Blog posts are permanent and paid only once. After the article is published on a site it will remain permanently posted on our site.

The price for permanent blog or review post on our site is $75 one time per post. Payment can be done by Paxum, Payoneer, Paypal or Crypto. We do offer 10% discount for 10+ posts which can be published all at once, or scheduled over time.

You can either submit your article / review to our database yourself here, or send your articles and images to blownetwork@gmail.com and we will reply with our payment info. Once we receive your payment, the articles / reviews will be posted within 2-3 working days.

Example of the listing with this promotion can be found here.

Taking in consideration the age of this site and the quality, You can rest assure that these permanent listings on our site are a great deal and will benefit your SEO score long term. If you are interested please get in touch at blownetwork@gmail.com.

Banner Advertising

There are several different banner positions that can be purchased on this site. Please do not ask us for site stats and other insider info, as these ads are priced taking in consideration site age and reputation, not purely traffic.

Leaderboard on top of all pages of the site

We do offer a top leaderboard advertising (top banner above menu, up to 250px high) on all pages of our site, but those are considered branding and prices are from $200 per month for one banner, without rotation.

Three ads on the middle of index page

We do offer three ad spaces in the middle of index page, which are mostly purchased by people who want to use them as hardlinks to their site in the form of ads. Prices per one ad space is $60 per month with a minimum of 6 months.

300x250 ads on video and content pages

300x250 banner ads are sold trough our partner Juicy Ads. You can find us on JuicyAds either by visiting their site and searching for Ethnic Pimp or clicking the link Ads by JuicyAds below each of the banners shown on our site.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these ads, you can contact us.